#6 some good editing features


1. Selection buffers to store and switch between selections on the fly.

2. Selection fading- the support for fading selescions in/out, I have not seen this in a audio app, so editing simple things like an eq or normailize need to be done in stereo, faded in on the left and out on the right and then mixed back to mono. just to do some thing like fade an EQ.

3. An EQ - Good for editing out unwanted sounds (frequencies) I like the idea of selecting the number of bands 4 - 20! but realisticly a 10 band EQ would be great.

4. BATCH PROCESSING! Usefull in getting stuff done with lots of files (mabe not sweeps ares)

5. Comprehencive Record Dialouge- features could include
- Setting all the parms- 16bit/8, 44.1 22.05 etc mono/setreo
Set record time limit and show pre-empted size & bitrate
an option to ajust an input (mic/line) depending on the volume of input, ie if the input is being distorted turne the mic down etc.
Batch record ie record in segments of 5 minuts
or in size- in lost of 10 meg etc.

-Direct to mp3 recording their is a small program for linux that dose this using lame. this feature would be nice if sweep were to support mp3.


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    Isnt an eq avaleable through LADSPA?

    Point number 2. Agree big time, I have wanted this feature
    for a while.

    Direct OGG/MP3/SPEEX recording I say