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SWAMP 1.6 released

New features in 1.6:
- Datatypes can create the GUI for viewing, editing by themselves
- Bugzilla config is more flexible
- updated jfreechart, display avg age of running workflows in chart
- persistant secondary sorting in workflow views
- fix File uploads with IE
- logging in UTF-8

Posted by Thomas Schmidt 2008-09-05

Released swamp 1.5.9

New features in 1.5.9:

- updated included libraries
- Display of single milestones can be enabled/disabled
- Supporting tomcat6
- smarter cache handling when reloading workflow definitions
- added API for changing role memberships
- filter for > and < comparison of databits (useful for date ranges)
- Webswamp:
- Users can set a preference to which page they want to be redirected after doing a task

Posted by Thomas Schmidt 2008-04-17

swamp 1.5.8 released

We released swamp 1.5.8 with various enhancements, see below. Source download is available at sourceforge and RPMs are available at the openSUSE buildservice: http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/swamp

The demo system (http://swampdemo.suse.de) has also been updated to the new version.

New features in 1.5.8:
- Executor for external programs/scripts can set a timeout
- Added a Task cache for active tasks
- Tasks have a persistant id on re-activation
- Re-worked role implementation, adding possibility to reference to groups
from the database backend (see UPGRADING file for the new xml schema)
- SOAPSWAMP: Fix datatype problems
- added HTML datatype with validation through jTidy
- reworked graph generation layout
- Using Ajax on index page to load individual tasks in background while page is already useable
- All workflow stacks are loaded via ajax (good improvement for deep stacks)

Posted by Thomas Schmidt 2007-12-11

swamp 1.5.7 released

New features in 1.5.7:
- SWAMP now provides newsfeeds for "my tasks" and all other workflow lists in RSS and Atom format (http://en.opensuse.org/Swamp/RSS)
- minor webSWAMP fixes
- webSWAMP: scheduled jobs can be triggered from admin page

Project description:
SWAMP is a flexible, java based workflow server that runs on top of tomcat. It reads its workflow definitions from XML files. Administration and tracking of workflow instances, execution of individual tasks can be done via the web and SOAP interfaces.

Posted by Thomas Schmidt 2007-07-31

RSS/Atom feeds of personal tasks added

SWAMP is now able to provide RSS/Atom feeds of the personal users tasks. This feature is already enabled at the demo server (http://swampdemo.suse.de) and can be checked with:
http://swampdemo.suse.de/rss?action=mytasks&type=rss (swamp_user:swamp)
Which generates a feed of all active tasks for the user "swamp_user". You can change the type parameter to "atom" to get the feed in atom format. ... read more

Posted by Thomas Schmidt 2007-06-27

SWAMP 1.5.6 released

Hi all, we just released swamp 1.5.6 which
brings some bugfixes and new features:

- updated to jakarta-regexp 1.5
- performance improvements in bugzilla connect, groovy script parsing, milestone loading
- updated translations
- updated to velocity 1.5
- Bugfix for data change listener condition

Source packages can be found on sourceforge, and RPMs for various
SUSE versions in the openSUSE Buildservice:

Posted by Thomas Schmidt 2007-06-20

swamp 1.5.5 released

Hi all, we just released swamp 1.5.5 which
brings some bugfixes and minor new features:

- new Startpage with workflow descriptions and personal tasks
- extended webswamp admin page
- when editing data triggers some action, the results are shown
- bugfix in role filters and evaluation

Files can be found on sourceforge, and RPMs for various
SUSE versions in the openSUSE Buildservice:

Posted by Thomas Schmidt 2007-03-18

1.5.5pre in openSUSE Build Service

We are building SWAMP RPMs in the openSUSE Build Service now. Available are 1.5.5pre and 1.5.4 (last release) builds.
Repositories are available here:
The demo server (http://swampdemo.suse.de) has been updated to the 1.5.5pre release.

Posted by Thomas Schmidt 2007-02-20

SWAMP 1.5.4 released

A new version of swamp has been released which brings bug fixes and new features such as:
Localization, switch to UTF-8, user preferences,
role inheritance and a new plugin structure for easily extending datatypes.
Have fun :-)

Posted by Thomas Schmidt 2006-12-20

SWAMP 1.5.3 released

A new SWAMP (Workflow Administration and Management Platform) release which brings the following enhancements:
- Added parentworkflow attribute to workflow definition for easier verification
- Added groovy (groovy.codehaus.org) scripting support inside workflows
- Added generic Class for LDAP authtification
- Data changes get propagated to all workflows that attach the dataset.
- Added collapseable tree views for subworkflows in webSWAMP
- added apparmor profile for SWAMP
- new Executor class allows calling external executeables from scriptactions
- Bugfix in Sendeventaction (onlyweekdays option)
- Workflows can be deleted completely from the system

Posted by Thomas Schmidt 2006-09-26

SWAMP demo server

We have set up a new demo server, which can be used to
test the example workflows, upload and test your own workflows and generally test the systems features.
The URL is: http://swampdemo.suse.de/webswamp/swamp
Have fun!

Posted by Thomas Schmidt 2006-09-11

SWAMP 1.5.1 released

Realease with enhancements in webSWAMP and better filters for personal tasks.
New features in 1.5.1:

- display of subworkflows/amount of displayed wfs per page
can be set different for each workflow type
- displayed columns can be configured by url parameter for different views
- webSWAMP: added new views for "my tasks" and "all open tasks"
- added new filter type memory filter that can filter eg. for task owners
which cannot be mapped to a SQL statement.
- webSWAMP: workflows can display their own logo on top of the page
- added support for multi-select data fields
- webSWAMP startpage now shows a personalized todo list for the logged in user
- webSWAMP: Filedownload now sets the contentype

Posted by Thomas Schmidt 2006-06-21

SWAMP project at Google's Summer of Code

We got one project accepted at Google's Summer of Code 2006. Topic is a GUI workflow editor for SWAMPs XML workflow definitions. It will be developed by Mahmoud Mahran. A wiki page has been set up at:
to reflect the current state of development.

Posted by Thomas Schmidt 2006-05-30

SWAMP 1.5 released

SWAMP Workflow Administration and Management Platform. SWAMP reads its workflow definitions from XML files and provides a server to run them, and web- + SOAP interfaces to interact with the server.

New features in 1.5 are:

- Workflows can include documentation files and a customized
navigation that get installed automatically
- Users can upload workflow definitions through the web interface
- Added comment datatype which allows to create discussion threads
inside a workflow.
- Added scripts and docu for building + running SWAMP on Windows.
- Enabled public subversion repository (https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/swamp/trunk)
- Enabled public bugzilla (http://bugzilla.novell.com)
- Fixed bugs in data cache + sendevent actions
- added calendar popup for date type input in webSWAMP
- added statistic graph generation for amount of running workflows / time

Posted by Thomas Schmidt 2006-04-25

Public Bugzilla available

SWAMP now uses the novell bugzilla for its bugtracking.
Report a SWAMP Bug:
Search the Bugs:

Posted by Thomas Schmidt 2006-03-15

Subversion repository available

The latest SWAMP version can now easily be checked out with:
svn co https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/swamp/trunk swamp

Posted by Thomas Schmidt 2006-03-10

Bugfix Release SWAMP 1.4.1

This release fixes the following problems:
- removed ImageMagick dependency
- removed generated files from project tarball
- added HTML docu to RPM distribution, building as noarch
- fixed Bugs in webSWAMP
- Workflows can provide a script snippet to set their colour
in the workflow list. (Useful for highlighting priorities)

Posted by Thomas Schmidt 2006-02-10

Release of SWAMP 1.4

SWAMP Workflow Administration and Management Platform. SWAMP reads its workflow definitions from XML files and provides a server to run them, and web- + SOAP interfaces to interact with the server.

New features in 1.4 are:
- Fixed build problems of 1.3 release
- static roles
- an enhanced workflow verifier
- Admins + Workflow owners can add Databits to running workflows
- WebSWAMP: improvements of the DisplayWorkflow page
- Files can be attached (uploaded) to a workflow
- Scheduler was inactive in public 1.3 release

Posted by Thomas Schmidt 2006-01-31

First SWAMP release

First public SWAMP release. Version 1.3 includes the workflow management server SWAMP, a webapp for interacting with it and a SOAP interface + Perl bindings for connecting external systems to SWAMP.
RPM packages for SUSE 9.3, 10.0 and beta are available.

Posted by Thomas Schmidt 2005-12-20