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CVS Repositories as well? (ViewVC)

  • Greetings. We use ViewVC to provide web-based access to both our Subversion as well as our CVS repositories. ViewVC is able to apply an authzsvn-style access file to CVS repository paths in order to control access to CVS. I was wondering if svn-access-manager would be able to maintain this file for the CVS repositories in the same manner as it does similar files for the Subversion repositories.

    I can see form the installation instructions that svn-access-manager needs SVN repositories defined in order to go on to create Projects and then on to access rights configurations for those projects. I am wondering if it is possible to do what i am asking here as there would be no backing SVN repository for the CVS paths.

    Let me know any thoughts.


  • Thomas Krieger
    Thomas Krieger


    I think to make it work we will need the same structure for cvs as for svn. But, why not include management of cvs repositories into svn access manager? I will have a look at this. But I think there are some difficulties I have to think about because as far as I know cvs itself only accepts crypted passwords and can not deal with md5 passwords. For viewvc its an webserver based authentication wich can deal with md5 encrypted passwords.

    So I have to investigate this and perhaps there's a working solution.

    Kind regards