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New discussions opened

I have opened discussions for how the threads are going to be distributed in the game. Also a first idea of the communication protocol is uploaded

Posted by Martin Ruskov 2003-09-11

Basic Structure of the game

The idea:
The idea of this project is to develop a game engine suitable for Real Time Strategies (RTS)
as well as Role-Playing Games (RPG). We intend to achieve that by allowing users log in
as RTS players (aka Lords) and as RPG players (aka Units). The name "Unit" for a RPG-based
player is not misleading, because in general we are going to make a distinction between
Vehicles (i.e. nonliving machines that have to be populated by an unit in order to
work/move/fight) and Units (human characters inside the game). There is one more important
class of elements inside the game - Buildings. Depending on the modification there could
also be a request for Magic or something else outside this classes. This problem remains
open. We suppose that at that later stage we will be able to emulate such phenomena with
some combination of the existing three object classes.
The idea of combining both genres is the following: Lords issue commands to Units, thus
playing a classical RTS game except that Units may not obey some orders, Units play
something that is generally an RPG, but enchanced with commands, that they may follow (with
a great deal of freedom). Imagine the oppertunities this offers. For example, not every Unit
is able to oversee the global picture in a game. And here is where the lord comes in turn.
To avoid an anarchy and to keep the game interesting to all Lords, bots fulfilling all
orders are planned.
No real (oldschool) single player mode is planned. Instead a multiplayer game with one
user and many bots is going to be provided. This makes the AI one very essencial part of the
project. Players are supposed to login inside the game via a client/server protocol. The
Engine (aka World, Nature) is the server and all Units and Lords are clients. The so
described platform resembles a Massive Multiplayer Game (MMG). Our hopes are that it is
going to perform as such. However since noone of us has any real programming experience with
real-time games, we cannot be sure that it will be so.
The game is supposed to be entirely configurable with XML files.... read more

Posted by Todor Dobrikov 2003-09-11


Motivation for "another" free RTS game.
everything must have its reasons to be done.
On the Internet, You can find numerous free or paid (RTS)Real Time Strategy and (RPG)Role-Playing Games, which can satisfy almost every taste. The "mixture" between pure RTS and pure RPG is hard(almost impossible) to be done and found. Many games pretend to be the "right mixture" but in our opinion they just make their "try" and nothing more...
We have ideas, which we think, will lead us to the right RTS<->RPG game. Our backbone is a very powerful AI(Artificial Intelligence), which will be able to make the "Single-" mode of the game as interesting as the "Multi-" mode. Thing that is missed by more of the games, which mainly rely on "Multi-" mode. We will make tremendous effort to build very reliable, advanced and low-traffic network module, which will provide stable "Multi-" user mode even for people with poor connections. The GUI module pretend to be just basic and sufficient GUI for providing all the functions of the game-engine. Our attention will shift to the game-engine and not so intensively in the GUI. The final outcome is an open source free RTS<->RPG game engine with a lot of options for direct implementations.

Posted by Todor Dobrikov 2003-09-08