Consolidating Index Options

  • Hello All,
        As you're probably aware, SVEditor currently supports several ways to specify files to index: Argument File, Source Collection, and Library. From the Index Settings preference page, it is also possible to specify global defines.
        I've been thinking recently about ways to simplify this situation without losing functionality, and have a proposal. I believe all the functionality provided by these three index specifications (plus a bit) can be provided by the Argument File index specification. Argument Files currently allow lists of root files, include paths, and defines to be specified. With minimal extensions, an argument file could also specify wild-carded sets of files to be specified (eg ../src/*.sv).
        Before heading down the path of deprecating and gradually removing the other forms of index specification, I wanted to get some feedback from SVEditor users. How would this change affect you (positively or negatively)? Are there enhancements that should be made to argument-file index specification?

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Armond

    In my experience, the Argument File approach is the obvious choice as it can be fed to both SVEditor and your simulator of choice.  Personally, I would also hesitate to use any "extensions" made to the Argument File capabilities that the simulators were not  supporting.

    The other methods have actually been a source of confusion (and I'd imagine complications and bugs in the indexer) so I think it would be a good thing to simply take them out of the picture.

  • StevenAZ

    The files.f approach will work for me, no issues there.

  • G. Ershnag
    G. Ershnag

    .f would be best - it is standard across multiple EDA tools.