Disable ERROR checking

  • Kevin Hyland
    Kevin Hyland


    How do I disable the parsing of a file for ERRORS every time it opens - some of the ERROR messages are useful, others are not, but the time spent parsing the file on open is noticeable, so I would rather disable this feature.

    Is this possible?


  • SVEditor doesn't currently distinguish between parsing the file contents and parsing the file for errors. Parsing the file is necessary to support content assist, structure display, etc.

    SVEditor is designed to parse source files as infrequently as possible, and to be reasonably efficient - especially in processing the file being edited. Of course, I'm sure there is scope for making the parser more efficient. Feedback on where SVEditor seems slow will be helpful in tracking down this issue:
        - SVEditor is continually slow during text editing  ==> This may be a bug, and is worth looking at. Is the file particularly large?
        - SVEditor 'hangs' for a moment the first time content-assist or Open Declaration is invoked ==> This is expected behavior because related source files (Library paths, etc) are parsed the first time content assist or Open Declaration is invoked.
        - SVEditor 'hangs' for a moment every time content assist or Open Declaration is invoked ==> This could be a bug, indicating that the related source files are parsed over and over.

    Regarding display of the error markers, would it be helpful to allow error markers to be hidden?