How do I get Started?

  • StevenAZ

    Most of us HDL designers come from a VI or EMACS based environment.  These are both excellent editors.  Why change?  Eclipse is an IDE, which has multiple components.  Eclipse can be used as an editor, but that isn't a great reason to switch. 

    Eclipse with the SVEditor plugin will load your design, in much the same way a simulator loads your design.  This brings a lot of functionality that isn't easily available in a normal editor:
    - More easily traverse your code hierarchy
    - Only files that are relevant to your design get parsed
    - Class hierarchy browsing
    - Code completion

    An excellent "Getting Started Guide" is available at:

    The SV Editor Homepage is also an excellent resource.
    These forums are a good place to monitor if you are looking for help.

    News, updates etc are also posted at: