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#189 long reindexing after upgrading from 0.9.3 from 0.8.3


I just updated to 0.9.3 from 0.8.3.
Time to index sv now takes huge amount of time compared to 0.8.3.
1) During the reindexing eclipse freezes and doesn't refreshes the window:
for user it looks like total hang.
After waiting a minute eclipse seems to unhang.
Please, indexing in background, such long-running task shouldn't hang the app,

2) When I hit F3 button (open declaration) on class declaration sveditor seems to start indexing, which
causes the editor to freeze.
In preferences I disabled the feature 'auto reindexing'


  • This is strange. I just did a comparison of indexing speed in 0.8.3 vs 0.9.3. In my environment, 0.9.3 is actually a bit faster than 0.8.3. I'm using the OpenSPARC source. Indexing takes ~1:30 when using 0.8.3. Indexing takes ~1:05 when using 0.9.3.

    How do you invoke reindexing? Are you selecting Rebuild Index from the project-popup menu? If this is the case, indexing will run in the background, and you should see a progress bar in the lower-right corner of the Eclipse window.


  • Anonymous

    1) I think I was wrong, I can't measure exact time on project.

    2) I deduced what was wrong with 'open declaration' hanging,
    steps to reproduce:
    a) open project, select 'rebuild index' from project popup menu, one can see progress bar in lower right corner of eclipse window.
    b) until reindexing is finished open sv-file with macroses, hit F3 on any macros that isn't defined in current opened file (e.g any uvm_* macros) => eclipse freezes,
    sometimes eclipse unfreezes when reindxing is finished and opens correct macros definition, sometimes it doesn't (waited > 10 minutes)

    In other words, ecilpse seems to hang when hitting F3( open declaration) __during__ reindexing.