#172 problem adding `include files

SV Editor (36)
G. Ershnag

I don't know if this is duplicate to 3468456 or new:
1) When I see the same problem as 3468456, if I select the offending macroname, right-click and select 'Open Declaration', it takes me to the correct point in the file.
2) I tried the workaround reported in 3468456, by adding
`include "uvm_macros.svh"
But svEditor reported that the file could not be found.
And I saw the following in the Console window:
[SVFileTreeMacroProvider] Failed to find "uvm_macros.svh" in this-file-tree
[SVFileTreeMacroProvider] Failed to find "uvm_object_defines.svh" in this-file-tree


  • Yes, this is a big annoyance. I'm not having issues with "uvm_macros.svh", but I am seeing this issue when including other macros/files.

    I see the red X "Failed to find include file", but I see nothing in the Problems view, and there is no red X next to the filename itself. As mentioned above, when I Open Declaration on the "problem" file, it takes me to the correct indexed file.