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#148 Read translation files from a folder


I'm working on a Brazilian Portuguese translation for SV (and I have plans to make also a Spanish translation), but I realized that, apparently, the translations are inserted into the compiled binary files at design or compilation time. This makes testing and viewing the new translation very difficult, because I would need to compile the source myself and, maybe, even alter some code to make that work.

So, I would suggest to put all the translations (the .qm files) in a separate folder (like "translations" or "localization") inside the application's folder, and incorporate only the original language into the executable itself. Then, the executable could read this folder at startup and fill the languages box in the preferences dialog with the languages encountered.

What about? Is it possible?


  • Chris Cannam
    Chris Cannam

    Yes, this is possible. I'd like to continue to bundle the translations (an "ideal" build of SV would consist of only one file) but it could perfectly well look in an external directory for translations as well as loading them from the bundle.

    I'll look into it.