#138 Import spectrogram PNG


Import a spectrogram PNG from another program, this could be used to further enhance the options of sound designers to mangle sounds by using third party tools.

The workflow should be like this:

1) Import wave files into Sonic Visualiser.
2) Export the sound analysis of spectrogram into a graphics file like png.
3) Use of other tools to further process the graphics on the file.
4) Import the graphic spectrogram file into Sonic Visualiser.
5) Export wave files from Sonic Visualiser.

This could also become a kind of automated script that someone could invoke from another program (like REAPER for instance) who support external tools and editors in a non-destructive pipeline, and that way Sonic Visualiser could easily become a very popular tool for casual and professional sound designers around the world.

The automated script could have a settings file that stores the kind pf spectrogram, resolution and settings and with which application the graphic file should be opened, then after the completion of the edit with the graphic editing application, the script should automatically detect that the file changed (or a dialog could be implemented in this step, asking for user's confirmation of the end of the graphic file's editing) and refresh the file and save it replacing the audio file that was opened.

The application of such a workflow are countless and will sky-rocket Sonic Visualiser to the top of the best free tools for audio mangling.

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