#135 toggle between audio and midi


I am writing to tell you of my experiences using Sonic Visualiser. I am annotating a singular instrumental idea using a Yamaha DGX-220 keyboard that has a standard Yamaha GM sound bank. I mostly use the GrandPno as a songwriting outlet. I have included a sample of the song I am annotating, and listening to the sound quality it is understandable why I would want to regain the notes. Unfortunately I had just made it up ad-lib and didn’t write most of the notes down. I would prefer to use Vst in my DAW to gain the midi files I prefer to store song data to. Due to ineptitude on my part I have just gotten that Vst working the way it needs to. So, I have a series of songs that need to be annotated that I had fabricated while in the deep throes of psychosis, you see, I am a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. I rely heavily on software ideas, writing instruments, and generally educational precepts to keep my mind together. I had heard of Sonic Annotator at first when looking up free software for annotation of wave files. I am usually looking for free because I am on government disability and cannot afford much.
Today I am using the Sonic Visualiser to annotate said song, and have made it as far as the second file I am sending shows. I was attempting to toggle between the mp3 sound file and the midi notes because I needed to listen to the audio file versus the note tracker to check that accuracy of the midi notes lain out by the Aubio. I understood the pane and layer plan and hoped to utilize some capability to toggle between the two. I resorted to removing the note layer in order to play the audio file, and I annotated on the keyboard the notes as they came (I found the speed setting to play the file slower very useful), and then I used the undo/redo functionality to restore the note layer and manually adjusted the midi notes by double clicking the individual notes to manually input the data into the window presented. You see, most of the notes were inaccurate according to the Aubio note tracker. I wonder if this is not because I am somewhat of an unorthodox player. I am completely self taught.
I had hoped to utilize the pane and layer approach to enhance plugin determination of the data. I was thinking that if I ran a number of plugins on the same pane, that would more accurately determine the data, as I hoped the plugins would grain each other; or the sum total would further annotise the data by working in union. You know- more work can be achieved by a team of members than all those members working individually. I had hoped that I could run one plugin through the data, and then another on top of that, and then another. My question here would be to ask if I am right about any of this assumption? If so, what would I need to do to insure this happens?
I am definitely happy about the software because I have made it this far. The ability to build a midi file will prove its usefulness I’m sure. The note durations as specified can be retained according to the original work I hope accurately. I am hoping to use some program such as SynthFont to plug my built midi file into, and that software will allow the use of Vst such as a soundfont player. All things going well I should have a pretty accurate representation of the original file as I have a soundfont based off of the same GrandPno sound as comes with the keyboard.
My second question here would be: is the Aubio note tracker the only note grabber?

-Thank You