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SurF File Manager v0.66 is released

1. Redesigned QuickPath search.
2. Added ability to configure files highlighting duration, information and warning tooltips display time using "General settings" dialog.
3. Implemented logical file sorting (2.jpg is now displayed before 10.jpg).
4. Improved directories traversal performance.

Posted by Sergey Vlasov 2009-02-24

SurF File Manager v0.65 is released

1. Added ability to open file list view in separate window using "Tab - Detach".
2. Added context menu for current directory that can be invoked by right clicking on file list view's background.
3. Added ability to paste "delayed" files (e.g. files from zip archive or e-mails from Outlook) from the Windows clipboard.
4. Added "Paste shortcut" command to "File" menu.
5. Added ability to load default settings from "settings\settings.srfs" file.
6. Added ability to open additional tabs at startup providing directory or file path as command line parameter.
7. Added support for Windows 2008 and Windows 7.
8. Discontinued Windows 2000 support.
9. Enabled overflow for main menu when window size is small.
10. Enabled support for "Data Execution Prevention" and "Address Space Layout Randomization".
11. Removed "UseSettingsPersistence" option.
12. Disabled beep on file properties in "Search" dialog.
13. Fixed crash when searching for files in two "Search" dialogs simultaneously.
14. Fixed crash when exiting SurF while search for files being in progress.

Posted by Sergey Vlasov 2009-02-02

SurF File Manager v0.64 is released

1. Improved "Image View" performance and reliability.
2. Added ability to save all SurF settings to file and load all settings from file.
3. Added special Windows Vista manifest to prevent virtualization of SurF.
4. Added link icon overlay for NTFS file links.
5. Fixed thumbnails for emf and wmf files broken in v0.63.
6. Fixed possibility of precondition failure after deleting view.
7. Changed virtual tab creation rule from 3 to 2 tabs with common root.
8. Changed minimal view "Icons size" shell documents preview applicability from 48 to 64.
9. Extended picture file size limitations on views with "Icons size" 48.
10. Documented in known limitations inability to display more than 1200 distinct thumbnails with maximal "Icons size" (workaround is to reduce "Icons size").

Posted by Sergey Vlasov 2008-02-08

SurF File Manager v0.63 is released

1. Added support for large shell icons.
2. Added support for shell documents preview.
3. Added link icon overlay for NTFS directory links.
4. Added share icon overlay for hidden shares.
5. Added automatic image rotation when EXIF orientation data is available.
6. Fixed transparent icons under Windows 2000.
7. Fixed unhandled exceptions during manual check for updates.
8. Implemented opening shortcut to directory in new tab.
9. Changed shortcut name generation algorithm to follow standard shell conventions.
10. Changed found files list's automatic scrolling during search
condition from "not focused" to "no files are selected".
11. Changed "New - from selection" to create tabs in current view mode instead of default
12. Changed file sorting to compare names without extension.
13. Documented in known limitations inability to use some characters (e.g. "(&<") for text

Posted by Sergey Vlasov 2008-01-18

SurF File Manager v0.62 released

1. Added symbolic links support under Windows Vista.
2. Added ability to enter IPv6 address in "Network server" dialog.
3. Added autoscroll for file list during drag when mouse is near edge.
4. Added target directory existence check before copying files and prompt to create it if
5. Added ability to reorder columns in found files list by dragging.
6. Allowed processing of executable, video, audio and graphics files in text search.
7. Improved slow QuickPath search under Windows Vista.
8. Improved Stop search command responsiveness.
9. Improved image thumbnails quality.
10. Fixed occasional incorrect icon extraction for new and changed files.
11. Fixed "Send To" under Windows Vista.
12. Fixed small redraw bugs on dialogs resizing.
13. Fixed loss of fade out effect after dialog moving.
14. Fixed old version in web installer's manifest.

Posted by Sergey Vlasov 2007-12-01

SurF File Manager v0.61 released

1. Added file search.
2. Added text search integration with "Desktop search system".
3. Added file attributes to "NTFS properties" dialog.
4. Added detection of special Windows Vista directory links such as "C:\Documents and Settings" and implemented creation of new tab for target directory ("C:\Users") when browsing.
5. Added extended verbs to file context menu when Shift key is pressed.
6. Extended "New - from selection" (Ctrl+D) to open new tabs for multiple selected directories or files.
7. Implemented theme painting for tree tabs.
8. Improved directory contents loading speed.
9. Updated parent directory and current directory icons in file list view.
10. Fixed accidental status images on virtual tab.
11. Documented in known limitations need to hold Ctrl while dragging files from VMware.

Posted by Sergey Vlasov 2007-11-06

SurF File Manager v0.60 released

1. Added ability to customize views (select name, icon, details, sort
order, icons size and hidden files visibility).
2. Added ability to create and delete views, select default view.
3. Added image view.
4. Fixed unhandled exceptions during manual check for updates.
5. Fixed inability to shutdown Windows while SurF has open dialogs.
6. Fixed file rename cancellation by file list update.
7. Fixed inability to browse into special shell folders like assembly\gac.
8. Fixed files changes monitoring on network shares.
9. Improved fade out effect for dialogs when they are not resized and disabled fade out after

Posted by Sergey Vlasov 2007-04-17

SurF File Manager v0.59 released

1. Added ability to create new files.
2. Added background execution mode for time consuming file list operations.
3. Added drives list to favorites menu.
4. Added ability to create new tab from text in Clipboard containing %EnvironmentVariables%.
5. Added ability to drag toolbar and dock to sides of main window.
6. Added size grips to all resizable dialogs.
7. Added indication of other operations availability when dropping files on SurF and source
doesn't allow default move operation.
8. Added setting focus to original file/directory after creating new tab from clipboard and from
parent directory.
9. Maximized file information update rate in file lists.
10. Changed files context menu to appear near mouse cursor when invoked using right mouse click.
11. Improved directory changes monitoring reliability.
12. Improved file icons changes monitoring reliability.
13. Disabled accidental browsing to already current directory.
14. Removed trailing slash from created directory links.
15. Fixed black tabs under Windows 2000.
16. Fixed failed check when reading file size from unavailable removable media.
17. Fixed not selected files that differs only in case when selecting by same name or extension.
18. Fixed missing recently attached USB disks when browsing for new tab.
19. Successfully tested SurF under Windows Vista RC1.
20. Changed default settings from "Use notify icon" and "Hide when minimized" to "Don't use
notify icon" and "Don't hide when minimized".
21. Added inability to drop delayed files on SurF to known limitations list.

Posted by Sergey Vlasov 2007-02-26

SurF File Manager v0.58 released

1. Implemented new tree tab control.
2. Added display of overlay icons.
3. Fixed display of '&' character in favorites and history menus.
4. Refreshed documentation, created discussions and announcements Mail List.

Posted by Sergey Vlasov 2006-09-23

SurF File Manager v0.57 released

1. Added support for NTFS links and alternate data streams.
2. Implemented more reliable deleted files monitoring.
3. Added ability to drop files as shortcuts.
4. Improved loading time and memory usage for directories with many files.
5. Corrected context menu appearance when invoked using right mouse click - file for context menu is now always selected.
6. Added Application key as alternative method to invoke context file menu.
7. Increased display time for warning tooltips and decreased display time for information tooltips.
8. Increased file view font size for larger than normal system DPI settings.

Posted by Sergey Vlasov 2006-08-12

SurF File Manager v0.56 released

1. Converted code base from Managed C++ to C++/CLI.
2. Created web installer with auto updates.
3. Added Pictures icons and File groups settings dialogs.
4. Created new home page for SurF.
5. Changed application's directory structure (user settings need to be reapplied).
6. Changed sorting groups.xml file format.

Posted by Sergey Vlasov 2006-07-02

SurF File Manager v0.54 released

1. Fixed relative QuickPath search broken in v0.53.

2. Added fade effect to dialogs and ability to configure it through General Settings dialog.

3. Made cosmetic changes in dialogs controls layout.

Posted by Sergey Vlasov 2006-05-22

SurF File Manager v0.53 released

1. Added "Add to favorites" and "Add to startup directories" menu items.
2. Added "Select with same extension" and "Select with same name" menu items.
3. Improved file colors and icons loading (more work is performed in background now with more threads).
4. Added tooltips for situations when menu action can not be performed.
5. Reduced delay to show final size view results.
6. Replaced most of message boxes with tooltips, disabled OK dialog buttons until valid input.
7. Replaced OK buttons with action verbs.
8. Made all dialogs resizable.
9. Added explicit checkbox for connecting to selected share on server.
10. Updated parent directory and current directory icons in file list view.
11. Added icons to dialogs.
12. Added link to Russian language pack for .NET Framework 2.0 to readme file.
13. Fixed disabled settings persistence when not using global hot key.

Posted by Sergey Vlasov 2006-05-07

Version 0.52 released.

1. Added edit dialogs and per user persistence for general settings, favorites and startup directories.
2. Added toolbar and improved menu look.
3. Added keyboard shortcut Shift+F10 for context menu.
4. Added keyboard shortcut F3 and File menu item for Search.
5. Added what's new page.

6.Fixed problems with canceling rename of read only file and trying to rename file giving new name with slash character.
7.Fixed problem with new directory creation given invalid new directory name (e.g. "\\&quot;).... read more

Posted by Sergey Vlasov 2006-02-18

Version 0.51 released.

Version 0.51 released.

Posted by Sergey Vlasov 2005-12-21