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The new roadmap.

The new plan for the path toward beta is that we're going to continue releasing minor releases (0.72.0 is next) until we whittle supybot into shape for the beta (which will not happen until we have directory independence and a Debian package).

Before 0.72.0 will be released, I'd like to have the pending RFEs and Bugs fixed (inkedmn's tinyurl addition to URLSnarfer, Strike's News plugin, and my work on scripts/, primarily) Any other bugfixes are welcome, of course :)

Posted by Jeremy Fincher 2003-09-18

*Really* rounding the corner to Beta :)

After a long break, development on supybot has picked up in full again and we will almost certainly make the 0.80.0 beta release within the next couple weeks. All critical bugs have been closed; the persistent configuration is in place.

What's mostly left is to write some more plugin tests for the remaining plugins in order to find the last bit of hiding bugs in the plugins themselves and in the src/ framework. Aside from that, the documentation and the website need to be significantly updated.

Posted by Jeremy Fincher 2003-08-23

Rounding the corner to Beta.

We're coming up on 0.80.0, which will be the first official Beta release of Supybot. I'd like to close out most (if not all) of the Feature Requests and definitely all the Bugs before we go Beta. To further that purpose, my focus these next few weeks will be updating the documentation and writing unit tests for the src/ modules and a framework and some tests for the plugins/ modules.

Keep up the good work, and let's get those feature requests closed out so we can finally go Beta and announce ourselves to the world! :)... read more

Posted by Jeremy Fincher 2003-04-02

New release!

I just wanted to get some kind of new tarball up, since I haven't posted one since September. This one still isn't user-friendly -- the upcoming release will offer new documentation, better setup scripts, and a generally more easy-to-use interface as we build up to 1.0.

Posted by Jeremy Fincher 2003-03-23

We've gone multi-developer!

inkedmn and jamessan have both been added as developers. Hopefully this will mean even more bugfixes and feature additions than ever before! :)

Posted by Jeremy Fincher 2003-03-23

Supybot is now in CVS!

Well, I put it in CVS. This makes things so much easier to run the bot and to develop on it :)

Posted by Jeremy Fincher 2003-03-15

State of the Bot Address.

So, I've converted to bug-hunting and API-improving mode. I won't be adding many more features until I get Unit/Regression tests written, latent bugs found, and the networking implementation switched over to Twisted (<>), so feature-lovers will have to get their fix writing features themselves :) If you do decide to get your fix, the following features are on my wishlist:... read more

Posted by Jeremy Fincher 2002-08-02