Roadmap for 0.75.0

So many changes have taken place that our next release will be 0.75.0 instead of 0.74.0.

I'm planning to do a feature freeze this coming Sunday, and to release the next Sunday.

I increased to the highest priority the RFEs I'd like to get done before this Sunday to get in before the feature freeze. Most important are the ones relating to Moobot comptability, because I'd like to be able to test all those features during the feature freeze week to work out the kinks.

Aside from that, most major bugs and complaints (most notably the un-nestability of MoobotFactoids replyWhenNotCommand responses) should be fixed by tonight.

This will likely be the last release where we won't have an upgrade script, so keep that in mind -- make sure your database schema is fairly solid and complete.

Posted by Jeremy Fincher 2003-10-27