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Superversion 2.0 Beta 1 released

Over the past months, Superversion has matured as a local single-user version control system. It enjoys a small but dedicated user base. Since the beginning, it was obvious that an extension to distributed, multi-user operation will be the next logical step. Consequently, this extension has been worked on in parallel since the first public releases.

Now it is ready to be tested! With Beta 1, I am releasing a somewhat incomplete, but functional and useful first incarnation of the Superversion 2.0 series. All the basic features are there: You can manage an arbitrary number of users for every project. Additionally, there is a distinction between administrators and ordinary users. If you set up a server on the Internet, you can do updates and commits from everywhere, anytime. With a single command, you can also download the whole repository to a client, yielding an instant backup.... read more

Posted by Stefan Reich 2004-09-29

Superversion went gold

The Superversion project is proud to announce its first non-beta release. Virtually every beta version was very stable, with very few or no bugs, so you can expect this release to be even more reliable, despite the universally dreaded x.0 label. All the features planned for the first major release have been implemented and we can safely recommend the software for heavy duty usage.

So if you are looking for a free, comfortable, powerful version control system for all your one-man development projects, we invite you to have a look at this feature list of Superversion 1.0:... read more

Posted by Stefan Reich 2004-09-13

Superversion 1.0 Beta 6 released

I don't submit a news item at SourceForge every time there is a new beta (subscribe to or the mailing list if you want to stay informed). But since there's been a load of changes since Beta 1, I feel it is time for a new entry.

Superversion is quickly evolving out of Beta status and into a full-featured (albeit single-user) version control system. Stability has never been a problem anyway - not for me, and there haven't been any complaints from users either.... read more

Posted by Stefan Reich 2004-07-15

Superversion 1.0 Beta 1 released

Are you looking for an easy to use version control system for managing your local projects? Try Superversion - it's GUI-based, fast, robust and platform-independent.

Direct download with Java WebStart:

Posted by Stefan Reich 2004-06-14