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Mac universal app bundle

The Mac OS X universal app bundle of SuperTuxKart 0.4rc1a is available.

Posted by Christian 2008-02-28

0.4 rc 1 released

A first release candidate for the 0.4 version has been released. At the moment there are binaries for windows and linux (Mac hopefully coming soon) plus sources.

Important new features: SuperTuxKart is now using bullet physics, which significantly improves collision handling. Additionally, it includes a new kart (wilber), improvements to existing tracks, faster AI karts, some new music, and the option to 'look back'.... read more

Posted by Joerg 2008-02-25

Windows binary of current SVN version

We have just put a binary of the current SVN version in the download section. While the SVN version with bullet physics is not yet complete, it is already playable, and will show in which direction STK is developing. Feedback is welcome!

Posted by Joerg 2007-12-13

Bullet physics now default

Beginning with revision 1326 the bullet physics are now officially used in SuperTuxKart. This means that collision handling is significantly improved, and the game is much more fun. While not all old features have been ported yet, the game is already playable, and we are busy porting the missing features.

Posted by Joerg 2007-12-09

Update of Halloween Add-on

We just found that a file was missing in the previously release Halloween Add-on. If SuperTuxkart crashed with the Halloween version (esp. when selecting tracks), please download the latest version (halloween-addon-1.1). If you should have any problems with the add-on, please contact us on the mailing list!

Posted by Joerg 2007-11-06

Halloween Add-on released

We have just released a Halloween add-on for SuperTuxKart. You have to have SuperTuxKart 0.3 (or a more recent SVN version) installed.

The package is platform independent and includes new models for 'collectables', a modified track with a Halloween feeling, and a new background picture. To install the package, just unpack it in the STK directory.

Posted by Joerg 2007-11-01