Congratulation to everyone (students, mentors, etc).

Here is my roadmap for 3D art.

1) Finish harvest (the new farm) soon as possible to have a reference and a benchmark for coders to test the new pipeline
2) Making a documentation and concept art for tracks according to new guidelines so new artists can easily see what we want. Add minor feature to the game (like specular mapping :P).
3) Starting to convert (aka remake everything (and yes it's really a complete remix since it's a new pipeline and I'm also using a library)).
4) \o/

Since guidelines aren't finished and harvest too I think it's too early for someone that want to help me.


2013/10/9 Sebastian Krzyszkowiak <>
For few moments I was scared that "end of GSoC and future work" means
"end of GSoC and end of future work". Fortunately that's not the case

Thanks to all GSoC participants that decided to work on STK. Also
thanks to all developers who typically work on it. Keep up your
amazing work!

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak, dos

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