You're mentionning voice recognition, so I guess your project is Windows-only, based on the official Kinect SDK from Microsoft, right?
Cool projet BTW :)

2014-05-07 18:48 GMT-07:00 Joerg Henrichs <>:
Hi Robert,

> My name is Robert and I have been programming with STK recently.  As a
> class project I added Kinect functionality to the game to allow voice
> command and the ability to control a kart using hand gestures.  I was
That sounds interesting.

> wondering if you were interested in having the code once the project is
> concluded in about 2 weeks?  I had a lot of fun working on the project
> as well and I hope to hear from you!
Yes, we would be interested, though it would be necessary that kinect
compilation can be disabled using a cmake switch (or better: needs to be
explicitly enabled) - similar to what we do with wii-mote support.

Would it be possible for you to do a pull request once you are done?


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