I've already given my comments here on the #defines thing for Visual Studio here -> https://github.com/clbr/stk/commit/0653389827984768dd891a84bb5385364de48dc9#commitcomment-4060299

On the problem with ES_PASSFAR: actually, the problem arises with other shaders too (and is not linked to the fact that there was no fragment shader): some of the uniforms the Intel driver reports have a name length of 0 (I wonder if those correspond to some "hidden" uniform - note that implicit "gl_Xxx" uniforms like gl_MovelViewMatrix are correctly reported so I don't know for sure).

The difference with ES_PASSFAR is that there is no uniform except this "hidden" one, which is why this triggers the check "if(maxlen == 0)" in Irrlicht. (COpenGLSLMaterialRenderer.cpp:linkProgram()). Just commenting out the "if(maxlen == 0)" block in Irrlicht makes the game work again.
I suggest we remove that check completely and signal it to the Irrlicht guys, as this check is buggy anyway for shaders that have no uniforms (the maximum length should then be 0...).
We might also signal the problem to Intel (who knows, they might fix it :)).

Otherwise, the shadows are quite incoherent in Oliver's math classes (change a lot according to the viewpoint) from what I saw, and there is still a lot of light leaking around the objects in shadow. Is the first problem an artifact due to large triangles, as you suggest in your blog post?

2013/9/5 Joerg Henrichs <joerg@luding.org>

>> - shadow_importance.cpp: roundf() isn't supported too on VS2012 (it's C++11
>> standard though, according to cplusplus.com). so I
>> did glVertex2s((short)((xpos * 32767.f)+0.5f), (short)((ypos *
>> 32767.f)+0.5f) );
> Is round supported? I'd rather not add that workaround, it makes it
> more complex what the code does. I see that round is used elsewhere in
> STK.
No, unfortunately round isn't supported on VS. There are a few #defines
done in files where round is needed, and I seem to remember adding a
function recently ... not sure - maybe I kept it consistent and added
yet another #define :(


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