Auria >> In that case, it's not the number of quads but the number of pixels that are drawn which mattered. Furthermore he reduced the size of the texture, so that it has a much better behavior regarding the texture cache.
Correct me if I'm wrong ^^

2013/6/24 mmg <>
Hi Lauri,

thanks a lot for the status report! I've been following commits but
since we rarely see each other on IRC then this kind of post is very

This all sounds great. One minor note, regarding rain, I never fully
understood why the previous rain had so much of a speed impact.
They were only a few quads after all, and we have tracks with tens
of thousands of quads, so I don't see how a few more quads would
have such an impact. If you know why, I am curious :)

Just another little note, I see you deleted a lot of stuff from your
irrlicht. For instance, you made it impossible to test your branch
on OSX by deleting OSX-related stuff. Of course we will exclude
that change while merging, but this seems like additional work with
no added value. In the future I think it would be preferable to try
to keep the branch in a state where it can be tested on all OSes,
and can be merged without too much human intervention?


-- Auria

> Hi list, Auria,
> I heard a progress report was requested :)
> My original plan for the first two weeks was shader cleanup, glow,
> bloom, and minimap.
> Of these, the shader cleanup and smoothed minimap are done. In
> addition, I have improved the grass, rain, and snow.
> The grass used to be a sine on one axis - repeating and ugly. Now
> there's proper wind simulation in all directions.
> Snow now takes wind into account, and the individual flakes spin
> randomly. This makes it look a lot better than the user-facing,
> straight-down-falling previous version.
> Rain looks mostly the same, but is much less of a FPS hit. There is a
> ticket open on the rain being too heavy, the cylinder rain was a
> fillrate killer. I replaced it with a fully gpu-side point sprite rain,
> which upped the lighthouse average FPS from 30 to 45 for me.
> The rain is also less repetitive now, as individual streaks no longer
> constantly fall at the same spot.
> What remains is bloom and glow, and by samuncle's request, texture
> mipmap level visualization.
> A more detailed report with comparison pictures will be posted to the
> blog once the branch is merged to trunk.
> - Lauri
> PS: The url for my repo is, just in case you didn't
> already have it.

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