* Christian Zigotzky (chzigotzky@xenosoft.de) wrote:

We have released SuperTuxKart version 0.8.1.


  * New track 'STK Enterprise'
  * Updated tracks 'Old Mine', 'Around the Lighthouse' and 'Zen Garden'
  * New modes 'Soccer' and 'Egg Hunt'
  * New karts 'Xue' and 'Sara'
  * Updated 'Beastie' kart
  * Wiimote support (for most Wiimotes; check supertuxkart.net/wiimote
    <http://supertuxkart.sourceforge.net/Wiimote> for instructions and
  * Added tutorial
  * Added new 'SuperTux' difficulty
  * New bubblegum shield defensive weapon
  * New combined speedometer and nitro meter
  * Added ability to filter add-ons
  * Updated nitro models
  * Added ability to save and resume Grand Prix
  * Improved skid marks and particle effects

Could you update the FreeBSD port, please?

Official poster: 

Video of the version 0.8.1: youtu.be/WutAN4i98_o 
Thanks for the notice, port update is in progress.

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