welcome to SupertTuxKart. The best way to start is to obtain the source code from SVN and compile then. Then look around our documentation ( http://supertuxkart.sourceforge.net/doxygen/?title=doxygen ) and the code to get a general idea of how the project is structured into modules.

I suggest starting by looking at project ideas to see what might interest you. Then you can continue by giving some thought about what are the requirements needed to implement these features (our ideas page will give some help with that, but we would also like students to think by themselves), and which designs/algorithms can be used to achieve these requirements

In a proposal, we would like a high-level overview of how it will be implemented (no fine details required), divided if possible into milestones with time estimates attached to them

-- Auria

Hi guys!

My name is Zabeeh Ur-Rahman.  I'm currently a first year enrolled in electrical/computer engineer in University of Toronto.  I just finished my first year there, and was looking for some kind of volunteer or work experience related to software.

I found your project on open source and I was wondering if I could help you guys in my time during the summer.

I have learned C, and have experience in Java, though I have not done programming in Java for quite a while.

Please let me know where to go to get started.  I look forward to contributing to your project and wish the team much success!

Zabeeh Ur-Rahman

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