we do not ourselves yet know how many projects we will be given so you should probably not make your application depending on that. (Based on past history, however, new projects typically receive one to three projects.)

So we suggest going with what interests you. For battle AI, a good start would be http://supertuxkart.sourceforge.net/GSoC_BattleAI

-- Auria


My name is Babar Naveed Memon and I will be completing my Sophomore year at LUMS(Lahore University of Management Sciences) with CS as my major. 

Now that a short introduction is over, I was going over GSoC and I ended up playing Super Tux Kart and super interested in your project. I have prior experience in working with Wii-motes and I have mastered C++ (covered C++, datastructures,Algorithms as well) mostly and am currently filling out my proposal for Al - battle mode with a few suggestions for wii-mote implementation.

I was hoping for some over all guidance, should I just go with Al proposal, since the webpage hinted limited number of mentors available and it would be a project on which work has already been done or suggest my wii idea?

looking forward to a quick reply,
Babar Naveed

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