Java knowledge is certainly a plus, someone that knows both C and Java can probably pick C++ quite fast.

And yes, XML knowledge is recommending; for some projects, like improving the addons race GUI, it is
a requirement. However XML is a very easy markup language and shouldn't pose any problem

-- Auria

I have looked at the main page of documentation, I think more time should be spent with documentation as there are many classes to be used for any implementation.

It is very clearly shown about the Modules and classes

 I have put source code for downloading, my internet will be slow for 2 days, so it may be late for me to download 163mb, maybe by  tomorrow it will be downloaded.

Will I have to learn XML to work on this? (It was mentioned that widgets are declared in XML files in 'GUI Module Overview' in Related Pages of Documentation)

                       Thank you
Akhil Ennu

On Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 10:18 PM, akhil ennu <akhil.e2012@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Auria,

                 Thank you, I'll be on this work,

            I have good knowledge on core java & python too... 
            I think I'm an average c++ coder. but my own games were made only in 'turbo-c'. I'll try to better my c++ skills too.

                          Thank you
Akhil Ennu

On Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 1:30 AM, mmg <auria.mg@gmail.com> wrote:

welcome to SupertTuxKart. First I must say that at least average knowledge in C++ is required to work
on SuperTuxKart. We are receiving a lot of high quality proposals from students so I am afraid you may
have a hard time competing with other students that have a good knowledge of C++.

That being said, you can still try to participate if you wish. The best way to start is to obtain the source code from SVN and compile then. Then look around our documentation ( http://supertuxkart.sourceforge.net/doxygen/?title=doxygen ) and the code to get a general idea of how the project is structured into modules.

I suggest that you give some thought about what are the requirements needed to implement these features (our ideas page will give some help with that, but we would also like students to think by themselves), and which designs/algorithms can be used to achieve these requirements

In a proposal, we would like a high-level overview of how it will be implemented (no fine details required), divided if possible into milestones with time estimates attached to them

-- Auria

Hi SuperTuxKart Developers,

   I have recently downloaded this game, I'm interested in developing games.
Can I get a small target with the game code, with a little amount of hints to complete it?
I want to test my ability to use open source...

I have seen the Ideas I prefer 'Improving graphics' because I'm a bit creative, but I only have good knowledge in c & little in c++. may be if I can't, I may be given target with 'Allow to take video in game' or 'Race History verifier'... Hints must... please spend a little valuable time of yours

Please give me a small target that matches my skill atleast to learn or test myself, I have made 3 own games using turbo-c, I'm mad of making my own games & passing it to my friends, but could not make interesting games, please give me an opertunity.
                                              Thank you,
With Regards,
Akhil Ennu