Sure you can, there is a underground project in order to make cross references between supertux, supertuxkart and any tux related games. Contact samuncle on #stk or giby on #supertux for more info (freenode IRC) 
Le Mercredi 7 mai 2014 11h34, salva --- --- <> a écrit :
I have seen your game and i love it. I have a videogame that will be in Desura the 26th May and will be in the Freedom Friday, so could i put a Easter Egg in reference to Super Tux Kart?

And another question, how can i do a map to Super Tux Kart. My videogame is a platform based in Epileptic Cubes so i think that a epileptic cube track could be interesting, I used Unity3d
PD: If you want to see the trailer of the game

Sorry about my bad english.
Thanks for all, and congratulations :D

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