The following events have occurred in the last 7 days:
2012-12-13 16:50:11Willem SonkeSet status for add-on 'Mountain Village'
2012-12-13 00:18:14Registration submitted for user 'jonte'
2012-12-13 00:16:59Registration submitted for user 'bjon'
2012-12-11 12:26:48Willem SonkeNew add-on revision for 'Mountain Village'
2012-12-11 12:06:22New user activated: 'jftasz'
2012-12-11 12:05:39Registration submitted for user 'jftasz'
2012-12-11 09:59:49New user activated: 'BudyDubby'
2012-12-11 09:57:59Registration submitted for user 'BudyDubby'
2012-12-10 10:29:52New user activated: 'cilab'
2012-12-10 09:29:23New user activated: 'Awesometux'
2012-12-10 09:28:52Registration submitted for user 'Awesometux'
2012-12-10 02:07:14Marianne GagnonSet status for add-on 'Penny Kart'
2012-12-10 02:03:26Marianne GagnonSet status for add-on 'Circle of friends'
2012-12-09 20:57:51lkieferSet status for add-on 'Circle of friends'
2012-12-09 20:51:00lkieferNew add-on 'Circle of friends'
2012-12-09 20:47:26New user activated: 'lkiefer'
2012-12-09 20:47:07Registration submitted for user 'lkiefer'
2012-12-09 14:52:28Registration submitted for user 'cilab'
2012-12-09 10:22:09New user activated: 'opcar99'
2012-12-09 10:21:12Registration submitted for user 'opcar99'
2012-12-09 05:41:36EliasNew add-on 'Penny Kart'
2012-12-09 05:28:34New user activated: '1999Elias'
2012-12-09 05:25:50Registration submitted for user '1999Elias'
2012-12-07 04:36:33Marianne GagnonSet status for add-on 'City lights'
2012-12-07 01:10:33Marianne GagnonSet status for add-on 'BeBeliOuS Circuit 1'
2012-12-06 20:17:50BeBeLiOuSSet status for add-on 'BeBeliOuS Circuit 1'
2012-12-06 18:48:34Set status for add-on 'City lights'
2012-12-06 18:40:03BeBeLiOuSSet status for add-on 'BeBeliOuS Circuit 1'
2012-12-06 18:39:47BeBeLiOuSNew add-on revision for 'BeBeliOuS Circuit 1'
2012-12-06 18:39:27New add-on 'City lights'