Trace Depths and Animation

  • Eugene

    Hey Chris,

    In the effort to reveal the mysteries of Sunflow I had two questions that are unrelated.  Hope you don't mind a bundling.

    1)  In the Cornell box example scene I see this:

    trace-depths {
      diff 4
      refl 3
      refr 2

    What are the defaults if you don't set trace depths in the scene file?

    2)  When I export an animation (using Blender's exported) I get the scenes and the .java to parse the files.  However when I run the .java and hit the render button it only renders the 1st frame.  Am I rendering an animation wrong?

    • 1) The defaults are:
      diffuse 1
      reflection 4
      refraction 4

      You should also be able to see the values being used in the console messages before rendering begins.

      2) You need to use the command line to render the full image sequence:

      Try something like this:

      sunflow.bat -anim 1 10 -o output.#.png

      This should render the 10 first frames of the animation as a sequence of numbered png files.

    • Eugene

      Ah, I see the depths posted in the console now.  Thanks for the clarification.