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Alpha coming soon!

As I announced on the front page of the project page, I am VERY PLEASED to tell you that earlier this year, I encountered a very eager and competent software developer, Wai Hong Ho, who was keen to bring Sundog to life for the Android smartphone and Java-enabled computer markets. He and I have been spending pretty much all our free time making this dream of ours (and yours) a reality.

During the last five or six months, I have cranked out the last remaining graphics needed for the game, created sound effects, and created the dialogue. Wai Hong Ho has done an incredible job of code development, creating the game code to match the functionality and features of the original Atari ST version, plus numerous expansions and enhancements over the original. ... read more

Posted by Jake La Foret 2012-07-21

Update and new project member

Hi all,

I know it's been a while since I posted something here, but regardless, work has progressed behind the scenes. I completed the main city building tilesheet with a collision map, and passed that on to Patrick for inclusion into the game’s city navigation code. I also completed the Banville tilesheet as well a few weeks ago. I need to finish the Enlie tilesheet too – that’s only about 20% complete and will take some time to create new buildings too, like I did with the main sheet. ... read more

Posted by Jake La Foret 2008-10-01

Animated Sprite Help Request and Current Game Version Info


The project is moving ahead at a fairly steady
pace, and I wanted to drop a news update here. If you want to check out the latest version of the game (which may or may not contain bugs and glitches) please visit, and download the latest version. You will need to first install the Python language ( and the Pyglet multimedia library ( to run the game. Once you download and install both and download the latest version of Sundog, run GAME.PY to load the current version. Again, please keep in mind it is a work in progress... ... read more

Posted by Jake La Foret 2008-07-24

How to play the latest version of the code

If you want to install and play the current code (and feedback is of course very helpful) then please visit this link on my website for step-by-step instructions on how to install Python, the needed modules, and then the game itself. I just installed everything on a new computer, and the experience was easy, a few clicks, and only took me about 8 or 9 minutes - and that included download time.

Link: read more

Posted by Jake La Foret 2007-12-15


Hey all,

As you may have noticed, the project has reached a momentum unseen in the entire project's history. We have a new member Agntdrake who is proficient in the Python language, and he has spent a considerable amount of time coding the cockpit, lockers, and engineering bays in the Python language. Python is a desirable language for many reasons, and thus the project will develop an open-source Python version of the game, but not at the exclusion of the Java version. The JAVA coded elements of the game will still be retained on file here for later development, and much of it can be used to form the foundation and inspiration for the Python code. ... read more

Posted by Jake La Foret 2007-10-15

Database will be HSQLDB and New Member

Alright, there was some discussion on the type of database we will use for this game. Sourceforge user Sduensin suggested Java native HSQLDB instead of Access, and after review, it appears that is indeed the best direction to head in. As of now, all new projects will use HSQLDB to store information, and existing Access tables will be merged at a future point.

Also, we have a new member to the team, Xaxes, who is going to help out in the graphics department. I've seen a few city tiles he has generated, and they look really sweet. He also has some good ideas for building themes, which will really lend itself to a planet's feel and a sense of exploration, if you land and discover a whole new set of tiles unlike anything you've seen. ... read more

Posted by Jake La Foret 2007-08-30


As of now, we have multiple people taking on multiple projects. So here's a rundown of what's going on and who's doing what:

Terofal77 (me) = graphics, market engine adjustment and testing
CrazyWeazel = Collision detection prototype, basic GUI, database engineering, market engine
Arnaud = city / planet map editor, star navigator program
solo_anakin = engineering bay code and GUI

If your name is not listed, or you are engaged in other projects not listed, let me know. Also, if you want to help one of the people with their project, let me know and we'll make something happen. ... read more

Posted by Jake La Foret 2007-08-15

Cleaned Up Developer List

I went through the developer list, and cleaned out anyone that has not posted in the past 3 or 4 years, which was a fair number of people. If you have discovered your name has been deleted from the developer list and you still want to be a part of the project, email me.

In other news, I have added a new developer and a good friend of mine to our fold, CrazyWeazel. Please give him a warm welcome. He's the talent behind the trade engine and the database work.

Posted by Jake La Foret 2007-07-28

Rolling again...

Well, as you can see, the project has been quiet for a while since many project members have had significant distractions in our lives, but a recent reactivation of work has produced some good progress. Stay tuned for details, but I can say at this point significant work has been done on the internal database structure that will support the backbone of the game, additional graphics have been drawn, and a prototype market engine that drives the stock markets has been built, and is undergoing testing. Everything is looking very promising, though there is no navigator system in place yet to walk around yet. (sorry!)... read more

Posted by Jake La Foret 2007-07-02

Website Update

The Sundog Resurrection site underwent some changes last night. You can view it here:

Posted by Jeremy Hitchcock 2004-02-09

Status update and how you can help

Posted by Jeremy Hitchcock 2003-09-13

We're Alive and Rolling!

Over the past year and half since this project was started, activity has been on and off. Now I think we have finally gotten momentum and are ready to go! Our first goal is to re-create Sundog for the present day. Over the next couple days, I'll be posting a detailed todo list and how people can help. I look forward to seeing this going again.

Posted by Jeremy Hitchcock 2003-09-11

Pilot Project: SunDog Navigator

The first SunDog Resurrection pilot project will be to create the SunDog Navigator (SDN). This app
will allow you to browse through the SunDog universe, roughly like a combination of the shipboard
Pilotage/Navigate/Maps function, the in-city teleport map, and the inter-city/planet/system
transport function from the original SunDog. More details can be found at

Posted by Bruce F. Webster 2002-09-20