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version 0.14.0 released

Dear colleagues, users, and friends,
A Happy New Year to all of you! As a special present, we bring a new release of your favorite traffic simulation package :-).
All available downloads can be found here: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/sumo/index.php?title=Downloads

Before announcing the changes, we would like to point your view on something different: SUMO is growing and while working on our own projects, we can hardly catch up with help and extension requests. We highly seek for some help, and no rocket science is needed. The following contributions would be nice:

- Reading, commenting, and improving the documentation;
- Sending us your papers for being listed on the publications page;
- Sending us your usage examples for increasing the number of tutorials;
- Contributing your extensions before they get lost or outdated

We are sorry if your request was not answered. In the case you need some extensions, you may also think about involving us in one of your projects.

The major changes are:
- new default extensions for configuration files
- new default arrival position
- GUI now parses command line options
For a full list see http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/sumo/index.php?title=ChangeLog

Laura, Michael, Jakob, and Daniel

Posted by Michael Behrisch 2012-01-11