version 0.13.0 released

Dear friends and users,

today the new version 0.13.0 of Simulation of Urban Mobility
was released. The network format had a major rework, please use
netconvert or the tools/net/ script to update
your networks. Additonally all XML attributes were changed
to camelCaps (e.g.: departlane -> departLane). Warnings will be
issued about deprecated network and route definitions and you may
use tools/route/ to update your routes.

Further changes include:
- a lot of model adaptions (Krauss, IDM and others)
- command line option names were cleaned up

For a full change log see:

The documentation is not updated yet. This is a major effort where
we hope for your support in the following days and weeks.

Thanks to all contributors, especially to Enrico Gueli for TraCI4J.

Enjoy the summer,
Laura, Daniel, Jakob, and Michael

Posted by Michael Behrisch 2011-07-13