version 0.9.8 released

Dear users,

Again, it's time for a new SUMO-release (0.9.8). The list of changes is available at Before listing the most important ones, we would like to thank all those who have contributed by sending bug-reports.

This will probably be the last 0.9.x-version of SUMO. In the next time, we will try to adapt the changes in the API as proposed in This will affect the behaviour of the simulation in several parts and change some input and output files. Because several people are co-developing SUMO, we would propose to discuss these changes on the developers-mailing list (

If you are not interested in development, we still encourage you contribute to the users-mailinglist ( and to report your problems or thing you found odd while using SUMO.

The following changes from the prior version seem to be the most important ones to us:

- The structure of the project was reworked; many subprojects (modules) were joined and the directory structure is now resembled within the msvc8-project

- debugged vehicle emission bug: vehicles with a depart time lower than the simulation begin time were emitted, too. Definitely a large bug

- debugged behaviour on junctions; vehicles no do not halt some meteres in front of them but on the correct halting position; this affected simulation without inner-lanes only

- some further work on inner-junction traffic; looks very fine, but one thing is still open: the vehicles do not regard whether they have place on the consecutive lane.

- vehicles now do not decelerate on higher priorised roads; finally, this was quite a large bug

- the simulation loop was reworked. By computing the real leader/follower - meaning that also predeccessor/following lanes are taken into account when needed - instead of the old procedure of "signalling" that a vehicle approaches a lane we were able to a) make the simulation faster because we do not have to touch all lanes in each step and b) make the information about leader/follower more explicite

- complete detectors refactoring; making the implementation easier to understand; tests added

- a preliminary OSM-network import

Michael & Daniel

Posted by Michael Behrisch 2008-02-07