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Ceasing development

Originally I created Suggest to fill a need in my own development. That need has since been filled by the various JavaScript libraries that have sprung up.

In light of these autocomplete implementations (such as <> and Yahoo! UI Library <>), I've decided to discontinue development of Suggest. I think development efforts would be better spent improving those libraries than continuing with this one.... read more

Posted by Matthew Ratzloff 2006-05-13

Version 0.31 released

A small fix that corrects a bug preventing the hidden field from working.

Posted by Matthew Ratzloff 2006-03-07

Version 0.3 released

Version 0.3 is up. I've made some significant changes to the functionality, so be sure to read README.txt and test your code and make sure it's functioning as it should.

The main change is in the capture attribute. Now, the text input value is always replaced by the leftmost column and whatever column number is specificed in "capture" is set to a hidden, dynamically-generated input field. It's more convenient for storing, say, employee IDs.... read more

Posted by Matthew Ratzloff 2006-03-03