Sugar Suite 4.2 Now Available

Sugar Open Source 4.2 is now available for immediate download.

Release 4.2 provides these exciting new features:

* Significant performance, usability and stability improvements to the Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft® Outlook®
* Access to the new Sugar Network Support Portal and Online documentation capabilities directly via the Admin area.
* Exciting UI enhancements to streamline and simplify the user experience.
* The ability within Campaign Management to provide multiple tracking URLs within a single email, as well as other refinements and more flexible suppression options.
* Extensive enhancements to Inbound Email including a new personal inbox, signature support, and enhanced administrative control over email functions across Sugar Suite.
* Outbound Email is improved by the ability to add Sugar Documents directly to emails and by the use of an improved email editor.
* Several new capabilities exist in Admin including a new diagnostic tool and the ability to edit the config.php file. The organization of the Admin area has also been improved.
* Documents can now be related to one another, forming a hierarchy such as when a Master Service Agreement may contain multiple related Statements of Work.

Download Sugar Open Source 4.2 now at:

For more information, see the release notes at:



Posted by Jason Nassi 2006-03-31