Sugar Open Source 4.0 Available for Download

The Sugar Team is excited to bring you the seventh major release of the Sugar Suite. Our goal continues to be to build the customer relationship management system that you have always wanted, so your input is vital.

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feedback, please visit our Sugar Forums at

Check out for more details on acquiring the Sugar Suite,
the latest product roadmap, support forums, detailed product information and
much more. We hope you find this a useful tool for building your business.

New in Sugar Open Source 4.0

Access Control by Role
Manage what a department has access to see, and what they can do with that information based on their credentials. Role security is new to Sugar Open Source.

Inbound Email Response
Reduces costs by automatically converting emails into customer cases, leads or contacts - and incorporates escalation rules and queue management for load balancing customer support.

Enhanced Campaign Management
Develop, test, launch, and measure lead-generation activities with a heavy emphasis on email marketing. Manage subscription lists, suppression rules, and target group segmentation.

Enhanced Lead Sharing
Automate the transfer of leads from marketing automation into the sales pipeline with one simple click.

Cool Themes
Energize your users with these two new Sugar Themes that can be customized to your company's branding.

For more information, see the release notes at

Posted by sugarclint 2005-12-20