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Sudoku Mania 0.3.0 Released

Version 0.3.0 Released
March 21, 2008
Major version change
Key Features include ->
New look/New icons
In game help
Installers for multiple operating systems

Download now to check it out.

Posted by Robert 2008-03-21


Sudoku Mania has reached over 1,000 downloads.

Keep on downloading and remember all feedback is welcomed. Good, Bad, Neutral, Anything.

Posted by Robert 2007-10-19

Sudoku Mania gets some "Style".

Sudoku Mania introduces new game styles in version 0.2.5. Samurai, Hyper, and Jigsaw Sudoku.
Other new features include.
Diagonal Checking
Better Game Loading
and more...

Posted by Robert 2007-10-06

Sudoku 0.2.4 Released (New Languages)

Added Piemonteis and Napulitano language packs (Provided By Sabine Cretella.)

Many other small changes.

Posted by Robert 2007-08-26

Sudoku Mania adds Localizing

Sudoku Mania can now be displayed in different languages.

English, Spanish, and French packs are provided and additional language packs can easily be written and added.

My Spanish and French translations almost certainly contain errors so any help will be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Robert 2007-08-19

New Mobile Version Released

Go to Sudoku Mania!'s download page to get the new Sudoku Mania Mobile game.

Source code will be released soon.

Posted by Robert 2007-07-29