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Bug fix release

The newest version fixes some of those little nasty things that crawl around my backyard, and that make a loud crack when you step on them. Read more if you want to know what I've squashed...

- Now possible to decrease the size of the window for 800x600 monitors. In this case, you should turn of the "Show DVD synchronziation" feature in the settings window, as there is no room for it anymore.
- Edit window now available
- Simple option to remove all line breaks if the result doesn't fit the subtitle window
- Added a link to the home site (to facilitate looking for new versions)

Bug fixes:
- Due to changes in the XML settings and profile files, and the fact that newer version read the old settings and profiles, the previous version experienced incompatibility issues, which should have been resolved in this version.
- Fixed SUP manipulation, such that changing the SUP colors or position still results in good SUP files
- Fixed <L> for large fonts, which often caused it to move outside the subtitle window
- DVD Wizard has been improved, and can be used to automatically demux (using PgcDemux), mux (using Muxman), and replace the original IFO's (using BatchUpdateIfo)
- Fixed small bug that caused "..." to be changed to ". . . "

Posted by Paddington 2005-11-11