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#7 OpenOffice freeze when I write to floppy with subfs

Rocky Zhang


I am using submount 0.9 to manage USB floppy drive in
Fedora 2 test version 3 (kernel version: 2.6.5-1.327,
OpenOffice 1.1.1). If click the floppy folder icon
which link to the mount point of floppy, then double
click a document (WORD format), it works well when I
save to floppy. But if I create new document and click
"Save" button to save to floppy, OpenOffice just hang
at the "Save as" dialog.
I tested save to hard disk, it's OK.

The procedure to reproduce the bug is as followed:

1) Click OpenOffice write icon to launch OpenOffice;

2) Edit something; Click "Save" button, then "save as"
dialog appear;

3) Select the mount point of SONY USB floppy (in my
case is /mnt/floppy1, mounted with subfs), type the
name of file, click "Save" button in the dialog;

The OpenOffice seems freeze at the "Save as" dialog.
Sometime it cause whole system hang.

I am wondering maybe serveral thread try to access the
floppy at the same time cause OpenOffice hang. Can we
fix it in subfs?




  • Rocky Zhang
    Rocky Zhang

    Logged In: YES


    I found the reason why clicking "Save" button in "Save as"
    dialog cause OpenOffice freeze. After enter mount point of
    USB floppy (mounted with subfs), the OO try to access the
    floppy again when you type file name; During the subfs try
    to use mount function to mount floppy, if one click "Save"
    button, it always cause OpenOffice hang. I think the reason
    is that OpenOffice try to check some status of the mount
    directory, but no return, hang there.

    I try to fix it to use my patch to submount. In my patch,
    before submount exit success, I fork another process to
    sleep 10 seconds and umount the floppy. If use my patch, the
    subfs will wait 10 seconds to umount, OpenOffice will not
    try to access floppy when type file name in the "Save as"

    I also wrote OpenOffice macro script to link to "Document
    has saved as" to make sure it really write to floppy after
    click "Save" button.

    You can see my patch in the attachment. I'm not sure it will
    cause other problem.