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Version 1.1.0 (31 July 2007)

* stxxl is now hosted on sourceforge: http://stxxl.sourceforge.net/
* Restructured the source layout:
  - includes moves to include/
  - introduced some public headers:
    stxxl.h, stxxl/algorithm, stxxl/bits, stxxl/deque, stxxl/io, stxxl/ksort, stxxl/mallocstats, stxxl/map, stxxl/mng, stxxl/priority_queue, stxxl/queue, stxxl/random, stxxl/scan, stxxl/sort, stxxl/stable_ksort, stxxl/stack, stxxl/stream, stxxl/timer, stxxl/vector
  - the header "stxxl" is no longer available, please use "stxxl.h" instead
  - the use of any other (internal) header is discouraged, additional public headers can be added as the need arises
* Overhauled the build system:
  - merged configuration files, simplified option tuning
  - support object files and binaries with and without mcstl support existing in parallel
  - the library build creates stxxl.mk which can be included in an applications makefile to set the correct compiler/linker switches for stxxl
  - similarly mcstxxl.mk is created for a stxxl compiled with mcstl support
  - add dependency tracking and improve parallelism during build
* compiler support matrix:
  compiler      |  stxxl    stxxl + mcstl
  GCC 4.3       |    x            x
  GCC 4.2       |    x            x
  GCC 4.1       |    x           n/a
  GCC 4.0       |    x           n/a
  GCC 3.4       |    x           n/a
  GCC 3.3       |    o           n/a
  GCC 2.95      |    -           n/a
  ICPC 9.1.051  |    x            x¹ 
  ICPC 10.0.025 |    x            x¹
  MSVC 2005 8.0 |    x           n/a
    x = full support   o = partial support   - = unsupported
    n/a = compiler does not support OpenMP which is needed by MCSTL
	¹ = does not work with STL GCC 4.2.0 (ICPC bug), workaround: 
	    the first include in the program must be
* pipelined stream::sort, stream::runs_creator and stream::runs_merger are parallelized using MCSTL
* obsolete files removed
* fixed include dependencies
* fixed lots of warnings
* fixed lots of small bugs
* add header compilation tests
* stxxl::vector: implemented some more functions
* const char* stxxl::get_version_string(): new function
* comparators inherit from std::binary_function<>
* cleanup, reformat the code to a consistent format (Thanks, uncrustify!)

Version 1.0e (4 June 2007)

* Bugfix: for objects with the destructors, memory block were allocated in a non-aligned fashion
* Internal CPU efficiency of Stxxl priority queue is improved (loser trees in external mergers are integrated)
* Fixed bug with conversion of const/non-const iterators, implemented comparison and difference operations on const/non-const iterators (for vector, map, and deque) 
* Added operator[] to vector and deque iterators
* stxxl::random_shuffle added
* improved makefile structure (thanx to Andreas Beckmann)
* Allow parallel build for g++

Version 1.0d (16 January 2007)

* Support of Visual Studio 2005 Express (VC++ 8.0)

* Algorithms and data structures of Stxxl can now use more than 4GB of main memory on 64-bit processors/compilers

* Support of error reporting using the C++ exception mechanism

Version 1.0c (21 September 2006)

* An implementation of an I/O-efficient deque

* STXXL uses MCSTL library (optional) to improve the performance of stxxl::sort and pipelined sort on SMP and multicore processors.

Version 0.99 (22 March 2006)

* Better compiler support: g++ (versions 3.3.x-4.0.x) and Microsoft Visual C++ 7.1 (.NET)

* New B+Tree-based implementation of map (compatible with all listed above compilers): I/O-efficient map

Version 0.9 (9 August 2005)

* STXXL has been ported to Windows. It now can be run under Windows XP and Windows 2000

* STXXL can be compiled now by g++ (versions 3.0.x-3.4.x, 4.0.x) and Microsoft Visual C++ 7.1 (.NET)

* New data structure: I/O efficient FIFO queue

Version 0.77 (24 March 2005)

* An implementation of queue is available

Version 0.75 (23 March 2005)

* An implementation of map based on B+tree is available

Version 0.7 (25 January 2005)

* The implementation of pipelining is extended and improved 

Version 0.6 (5 September 2004)

* Tested implementation of the stream package (aka pipelining) is available

Version 0.5 (21 November 2003)

* The first implementation of the stream package (aka pipelining) is available

* Priority queue is available

Version 0.2 (Summer 2003)

* The first public release 

* Vectors, stacks, sorting, scanning are available