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priority queue error

  • Hi,

    I am having a problem using the priority queue,  it gives me the error "Assertion `w_pool->size() > 0' failed"

      <pathtostxxl>/software/stxxl-1.2.1/include/stxxl/bits/containers/priority_queue.h:1103: void stxxl::priority_queue_local::ext_merger<BlockType_, Cmp_, Arity_, AllocStr_>::insert_segment(Merger&, stxxl::uint64) [with Merger = stxxl::priority_queue_local::loser_tree<triplet, cmpTriplet, 64u>, BlockType_ = stxxl::typed_block<2097152u, triplet, 0u, void>, Cmp_ = cmpTriplet, unsigned int Arity_ = 64u, AllocStr_ = stxxl::RC]: Assertion `w_pool->size() > 0' failed.

    Here is a piece of code, together with the output where it gives me the error:  http://pastebin.com/f18f8a693

    I basically insert elements into a priority queue; with relatively small number of elements to insert there is no problem, but at some point, the error is thrown (in my example it happens with aprox. 12 million elements); any idea as to what the problem is?

    I am using this version:
    [STXXL-MSG] STXXL v1.2.1 (release)
    [STXXL-MSG] 1 disks are allocated, total space: 12000 MB

    I'd appreciate some input on this.


    -- Adan Cosgaya

    • Hi,

      you should define PREFETCH_POOL_SIZE in MBytes as :

      #define PREFETCH_POOL_SIZE (128*1024*1024)

      Best regards,