Compiling Stxxl on Windows with g++

  • Hi Roman,
    Is it possible to compile Stxxl with g++ on windows?  I tried it (with and without boost) and it fails with compilation errors.

    If not, do you expect to include g++/windows support in future releases?

    Thank you very much!

    • Hi Peter,

      which g++ version are you using? Do you run it on cygwin?


    • Hi Roman,
      I am using gcc-3.4.2 for windows.  I have not tried to run on cygwin.  Would there be large performance drop if cygwin is used?

      Thanks for responding, Peter

      • Hi Peter,

        gcc 3.4 is fine. However, your combination g++/"native Windows" is not supported yet (I will look at it, but can not guarantee the timeframe when it happens).
        We do not know how large is the performance drop of cygwin.

        With best regards,

    • Thanks Roman for getting back to me - Peter