Calculate no of I/O's done by a process using stxxl

  • In my thesis I have to calculate no of I/O's done by a process(basically an external memory algorithm). I am new in stxxl, so I just want to know that someone could help me in finding ...
    How to calculate no of blocks transferred using stxxl ?
    How to fix the size of a block which is going to be transferred from external memory to main memory ?
    How to fix the size of the memory that a process can use in main memory ?
    Sorry to ask beginners questions.

  • Timo Bingmann
    Timo Bingmann

    Hi, we are working on a new set of documentation on STXXL.
    See the homepage for links, you'll find information on the I/O stats under
    Design of STXXL -> Common Utilities and Helpers -> I/O Performance Counter