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Mark Red
  • Mark Red
    Mark Red


    i'm using visual studio 2005 and when i compile there are no error.
    When i run the debug i got this error:

    [STXXL-MSG] STXXL v1.2.1 + Boost 103600
    [STXXL-ERRMSG] Warning: no config file found.
    [STXXL-ERRMSG] Using default disk configuration.

    what do i have to do?

    thanks to all of you and i wish you a happy 2009.

    • Read the installation instructions for Windows about providing a configuration file that specifies your disks (STXXL work files).

      Look at the config_example_win; copy it, edit as appropriate based on how many disks you have and rename it to .stxxl.

      On Windows XP at least, I had to rename it in a command window (i.e., DOS prompt) as Explorer would give me an error when renaming a file to start with a '.'.

      See the previous thread if you want to use createdisks to precreate the files as there is a problem in the 1.2.1 code which may cause createdisks to fail.