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StrutsTestCase v2.1.2 Released!

StrutsTestCase for JUnit - release 2.1.2

This is a point release to resolve a number of outstanding bugs.

The StrutsTestCase library is available as two distinct
releases supporting both the 2.2 and 2.3 versions of the
Servlet specification, and the 1.1 version of the Struts
Framework. PLEASE NOTE that StrutsTestCase no longer supports the Struts 1.0 release.

Due to "real world" commitments, I have a reduced amount of time to spend on StrutsTestCase, and so in order to address the backlog of bugs, I will be putting out several smaller releases over the coming months.

Questions and comments always welcome!

--Deryl (deryl@acm.org)

Posted by Deryl Seale 2004-06-07