• Ricky Mortale
    Ricky Mortale

    I'am playing with the test application test.xml When i add or edit e.g. a User or Log Record thru the Struts interface i dont see the updated/added data immediatly. Clicking the Refresh button on my browser does not help. I think the problem lies in the CacheManager which does return old data.

    • roel

      Hmm, what to say, that because it's cached :). If you didn't see the change imediately, that's the caching characteristic. The new data will be retrieved if cached data is expire/stale. However, you can disable caching by setting cache-mtl to negative integer.

    • Kenneth Stout
      Kenneth Stout

      Why are you caching writes? Caching writes will cause problems if other applications are accessing the database. Having information cached for reads can save a considerable amount of overhead when doing multiple reads and is a good enhancement, but caching the writes forces the user to choose between faster reads or slower writes.