Saving image as .obj

  • caeleigh

    Hello. I've made many saves in StructureSynth as .obj to open in Cinema4D, and most of them have worked fine. I have one file that looks completely different when I save it from StructureSynth to .obj when I open it in C4D. Any ideas? As soon as possible please.

  • Hi, how do they look different - is the geometry the same, but the lightning different? Have you tried other OBJ viewers to see how they behave? Is it related to coloring and grouping?

    Best regards, Mikael.


  • Anonymous

    hiya ive just installed structure synth & exported as obj worked perfectly & opened up in cinema 4d perfect however on my second try of export  from structure synth as obj im not getting a obj  file just a exported file ? that wont open in any 3d software  or 3d converter so i uninstalled & reinstalled  & again 1st export was a obj that works however 2nd ,3rd,4th & 5th trys did,nt work is there a fix for this problem please as i really like working with this brilliant software

    ps  my computer specs are windows 7 ultimate, quad core amd2 , 8gb ram, nvidea  9600gt 1gb ,32 & 64 bit system