#103 id3 tags of mp3 are wrongly displayed

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phoenix firebrd

I am using Kubuntu 10.10 with kde 4.5.2.
Problem: The id3 tags of mp3 files are displayed wrongly by dolphin's file properties explorer when the file is not index by Strigi
I thought it was a bug in Dolphin and registered as a bug (http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=253905) but, i was said that dolphin uses Strigi-analyers to get the meta tags.

Expected: The mp3 tags should be displayed properly by Dolphin's file dialog which in turn uses Strigi-analyers irrelevant of whether the file is indexed by Strigi or not.

Attachments: I have attached a snapshot of the mp3 file as seen in the kid3 tag editor and a
snapshot showing the dolphin properties dialog displaying the id3 tags wrongly.
please note that the album tag is displayed wrongly.


  • snapshots showing the problem