please program for me :P

  • goldencut

    awesome that someone took up the task and revived streamtuner which was an awesome app back then. so thank you. but as usual, i have some  "issues" with and some "ideas" for the app.

    - can the properties (preferences) window made resizeable? i'm using larger than average fonts in my system (my display is some ~3m from my face) and the properties window is almost unreadable, half of the settings go beyond the window dimensions and i can't see them.

    - maybe enable the app to use optionally some audio playback framework, client/server type of player or something like that so user doesn't need an external player? or maybe use some code from Quod Libet -project which is a top notch audio player? i think it uses some kind of separate back end for playback (gstreamer, i think).

    ps. sorry for the title, but someone once said that these forums are just that…

  • Mario Salzer
    Mario Salzer


    I've already made the config dialog resizable, as that was a problem for a couple of users, and buggying myself. The new version uses GtkBuilder instead of libglade, though it might have been possible to redesign it before; some things are still broken.
    New version should be out this weekend, but you could test meanwhile. Gimme the feedbackz!

    The internal audio player was something I considered before, but it's not quite as simple to actually do. The current code is quite awkward with handling streaming sources already, and correctly parsing out a direct server link would be difficult, not to speak of tying it in with the fiddly UI as of now. But I'll definitely look into that; maybe steal some code from another project…