• I don't know whether the URL for Live365 has changed, as there are no stations listed under any of the categories. Is there any way of fixing this?

  • I forgot to say that I am using Ubuntu 10.04

  • Mario Salzer
    Mario Salzer

    No go.
    Both category parsing and channel parsing are broken.
    This will take some time to fix.

  • Abhisek Sanyal
    Abhisek Sanyal

    I made some changes to the streamtuner2 package that was running on my Fedora 17 box (rpm - streamtuner-2.0.8-9.fc17)

    I have attached a patch for the changes done in Category and channel parsing seems to work. I was able to open the live stream via vlc.

  • omelette

    Abhisek, I was quite excited to see that you had fixed the Live365 parsing and although I failed miserably to apply the patch to '' from the terminal - specifically, I used "sudo patch -p1 --dry-run < streamtuner-2.0.8-9.fc17.patch" and just got "HUNK failed" errors - I applied it 'manually' after examining the patch code (the pluses are added lines, the minuses are deleted, correct?). I'm pretty sure it's done correctly but when I now run ST2, the Live365 tab doesn't even open! Can you offer any advice?

    Edit: Ok, my bad. the problem was one of 'indentation' - Python is really really finicky about that! But it still isn't working for me. The Live365 tab now opens but I get a "category parsed empty" message at start-up, with nothing at all getting loaded for Live365. Attached is the '' code with patch applied. Any suggestions?

    Edit2: My bad again. I had another go at patching the original and this time succeeded - all I needed was "patch -p1 < live365.patch". And it works perfectly!!! Although it has put me off learning Python, which seems way too particular about text formatting. Below is the patched file. Many thanks Abhisek.

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    • Abhisek Sanyal
      Abhisek Sanyal

      Awesome that it finally worked for you. Python has its own quirks, you should definitely give a shot at learning it.

      It is odd that I did not get any alert when you posted your query, I was so sure that I had subscribed for updates to this topic.