A hint to save only one track?

  • Excuse me, I search for some kind of "hint" to save only one track, without knowing how long is it.
    I want to precise, it's not a question about "single file vs. multiple tracks", more generally it's a question about save some fixed number of tracks and stop after that.

    It seems that there is not a standard option in streamripper to do this. But may be someone knows a hint?

    Thanks you in advance.

    Cheers, PaulZ

    • Gregory Sharp
      Gregory Sharp

      There is not yet any option for this.  Could you please add an item in the tracker for this feature request (if there is not one already)?


    • Paul Zakharov
      Paul Zakharov

      Ok. I'll (I have never used any tracker before) try to add this.

      But... if not, finnaly I've made it by myself.
      We could use something like this (juste as example):

      streamripper "${url}" -d "${path}" -k 1 -q -M 30 -s -i --debug --quiet &

      while [ ${flag} = 0 ];
      flag=$( ls "${path}" | grep 0003_ | wc -l )
      sleep 120

      i=$(( ${i} + 1 ))
      if [ ${i} -gt 15 ]; then


      kill "${s_rip_pid}"

      I used "-q" options to add a prefix to files.
      And after that I search while file with number "0003_" in the directory that I use to save the ripping.

      So normally it will break at the 4th file. And to ripping only one track one need to search "0000_".
      "-k 1" option assure that we saved a good track.

      Counter $i and option "-M 30" are used to the case if something going wrong.
      "sleep 120" is also optionnal.

      The syntaxe of above is for <b>ksh</b>. I think in csh and others shells it will be quite similar.